iCloud’s Default Settings Are Scary..

So a little bit of backstory, if you’ve been paying much attention to the internet recently, you’ll have seen posts about a laundry list of celebrities nudes getting leaked out on the net, which some folks over on Reddit have a neat subreddit dedicated to. The jist is tons of celebrities (Kate Upton *cough*, Jennifer Lawrence, the list goes on..) had their nude photos leaked and spread all over the internet. Hundreds of megabytes of jpgs all from their idevices.

All Courtesy of iCloud.

I’m currently using a Macbook that came with OS 10.9, which forces use of iCloud integration. It stunts the ability of iTunes to sync the calendar by itself. Which means having to use iCloud. I didn’t use iCloud on my phone previously and when setting it up a few things really started to bug me.

The first thing I noticed was that the process was buggy as hell, like really buggy, nothing else in the settings (or the phone for that matter) seems to have issues like iCloud setup. It crashed multiple times when trying to connect my account (over WiFi) finally got it to work on a 3rd try) which, to me as a programmer, speaks to an overall lack of polish on what apple has made into a VERY IMPORTANT system in iOS.


The important stuff

Most people blow through this process, sync their contacts, browsing history, photos, location and who knows what other private data thru your phone. Which is basically forced by Apple to use their own basic apps. But what you might miss (even if you disabled photos and syncing other stuff), FULL IPHONE BACKUP is automatically enabled and begins uploading as soon as you sign in to iCloud.


Every bit of data I have on my phone,  including all the data the iPhone invisibly collects (photos, location record, text messages, etc) is being sent to Apple. Automatically. All the time. Even if I uncheck the many boxes above it, I have to scroll to the bottom, click thru another screen and disable backup to prevent my data being sent to iCloud.

A mistake which I’m sure none of the celebrities who’s nudes got out on the internet noticed that they had made.

Look sharp apple, you’re engineers may need to step up their qualifications when it comes to securing your millions of customers data.

Edge.js and .NET inside of Node

Node.js Running a .DLL from Xamarin Studio


Node.JS and .NET have always been completely separated, that is until @tjankczuk’s Edge.js project brought them together. I’ve always been a fan of .NET but seeing how well this ran on a Mac inspired me to attempt to use it with node-webkit (my other favorite project).

This worked well (building edge with nw-gyp) and makes it possible to build a fully functioning HTML gui for a .NET application across Windows / Linux & OS X.

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